Polygraph Testing

Modern investigation techniques and tactics.


Our team of trained professionals is comprised of highly skilled investigators and researchers. We at Linq Investigations & Polygraph services is proud to offer the industry's most modern investigation techniques and tactics.

Understanding that knowledge is the basis for winning, we provide a full range of confidential services to individuals, attorneys, financial institutions, corporations, insurance companies and government. We offer discreet, confidential and comprehensive services to clients throughout South Africa.


In addition to some of the services Linq Investigations & Polygraph services also has agreements in place with various other investigation agencies for specific customer requirements both local and abroad.




Do you know if your new employee is trustworthy and vigilant? We are able to screen backgrounds and previous offences that can not be detected in a normal interview with the potential employee. This test is tailored to the employer’s specific needs.




We are able to screen your employees every couple of months depending on the need of the client. This can assure that your employees are still trustworthy and loyal to your company. This test is also tailored to the employer’s needs.




    With this test we can detect weather an individual was involved in a specific incident/crime, the use of illegal substances, fraud, theft, leaking sensitive company information, etc.




We are able to test the infidelity between partners.
All tests are being recorded audio and visual.




A Polygraph test is ad hearable in the CCMA, giving advantage to the employer when the Polygraph examiner testifies on behalf and in favour of the company.

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